Yayo Rodriguez

Yayo Rodriguez

BMHOF Class of 2004

"I'm fascinated in trying to find the life in the songs that I sing; in making music that's exciting to people today. I am looking for the songs and the interesting stories, not only for the people who already enjoy salsa or contemporary Spanish music, but for those who think they may not like salsa and contemporary Spanish music." 
- Yayo Rodriguez 

Born in Villalba, Puerto Rico, Yayo Rodriguez made his stage debut at the age of 12 performing at the famous "Tribano del alte" where he won first prize. Most recently with a voice perfectly preserved, Yayo joined some of his closest friends and record their latest CD " Tu sabes que te quero", he named the CD "Tu sabes que te quero" in honor of the love of his life, Blanca Rodriguez. 

Yayo Rodriguez's career has enjoyed three distinct phases, each of them very successful. In the early '50s, he recorded his first album "Linda Borincana" and scored a series of major engagements in Puerto Rico, New York City and Cleveland Ohio that made him one of the most popular salsa contemporary entertainers of the time. In the early '60s, he mounted a comeback as more of an adult-album seller where he recorded with various artists throughout New York and Puerto Rico. And from the mid-'80s on, he achieved renewed popularity with generations of listeners who hadn't been born when he first appeared. A generation he admires and respects as our future leaders. 

By the start of the 21st century, Yayo Rodriguez seemed like the last of a breed, but here in our community, here in Buffalo New York he remains as popular as ever. Today, he shares this special honor with his son Yayo Jr., Pucho Olivenica, Chepo Carrasquillo and Rafael Hernandez. Please welcome our hero, Yayo Rodriguez. 

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