The Hernandez Brothers

The Hernandez Brothers

Band - Rock/Latin
BMHOF Class of 1999

The Hernandez brothers David (guitar), Robert (drums) and Ralph (congas, percussion) started performing together at talent shows in the early 1960's.

In 1971 they formed the band Hernandez, performing from WNY to Puerto Rico. In WNY you probably remember them from regular appearances at The Executive, Three Coins and McKinley Park Inn.

What distinguished Hernandez from other bands was regardless of the style of music they were performing they added a special Latin spice. According to Robert, "We take the culture our parents gave us and blend it with the culture we found outside, so we have the best of both worlds".

During the decades that the band was together many area musicians worked with The Hernandez brothers. Following is a listing of former band members: Gilbert Hernandez, Richie Hernandez, Gary Syracuse, Joe Biando, Chuck Tormino, Susan Santiago, Al Jaycox, Kathy Chamberlin, Ricky Waski, Reggie Roland, Athena Satori, Beverly Johnson, Kiko Swain, Jeff Hathelworth, Terry George, Debbie Carater, Kim Starter, Bob Meier, Nick Solomon, Chuck Guerino, Tim Gerwitz, Marvin Paterson, Johnny Vega, Angelo Monico, Mark Palsone, Dennis Miller, Jack Kurtzie, Sam Araci, Steve Wade, Richard Koons, Dennis Trabusie, Steve Rosenthal, Joe Fuguson, Frankie Gallo, Gary Syons, Poncho, Joe Lapaglia, Eddie Gonzales, Glenn Lista, Nick Mollay, Ted Ebert, Bill Long and Robert Smith.

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