Paul Varga

Paul Varga

Paul Varga

BMHOF Class of 1983

Groups: The Tweeds, Hardtimes, Talas, Only Humen, Shyboy


Paul had just turned 12 years old when he got his first set of Kent drums for Christmas. It wasn't long after he self taught, practiced in the basement, drove his mother crazy and invited many friends over to jam. His band, The Jaguars was playing at someone's house when Dave Constantino, then 11 years old, and Ted Conner (rhythm guitar) stopped over to see Paul play. They hit if off pretty good and decided to go over to Paul's basement and jam. It was great! Paul and Dave were naturals together, with smooth harmonies, even at that young age. Paul was impressed with Constantino's behind the head guitar playing. With the addition of bass player Alan Shaw, they decided to start The Tweeds.

After a while Alan left and was replaced with Jim Dunnigan. This version of the Tweeds, which had great three part Beatle-ish harmonies, won many Battle of the Band contests, the biggest was 1st place at the Teenage Fair battle of the bands, at The Buffalo Aud (100 bands competed). They won a recording audition from Decca Records in N.Y.C. The tweeds recorded two singles in 1967 and 1968, "A Thing of the Past" and "I Want Her to Know", which both sold well locally. 

Paul and Dave had heard about a great bassist named Bill Sheehan. He joined The Tweeds in 1969 and they played together for a couple years. The sound was really great but as always bands break up. In late 1972 he hooked up with Jim Kam, Dick Bauerle, Sal Azzerelli and Joe Pici as the Hardtimes for about a year.

Now you will se a pattern start to occur. It seems that Paul Varga and Dave Constantino always seem to end up back together in another band. This time it was as Talas in 1974. With Billy Sheehan turning into one of the best bass players in the world, they would play hundreds of gigs, have good times, bads times (you know I've had my share, ooo babe!). Break up - BIlly left with Mike Marconi from the Billion $ Babies and Dale Croston from Whale joining Talas in 1977 and 1978. Bill rejoined and everything started to fall into place. They recorded two albums in the late 70's and early 80's. The self titled "Talas" album, with the great songs "Seesaw" written by Constantino, "My Little Girl" by Varga and "Thickhead" and "Any Other Day" written by Varga and Constantino are still local favorites. Their second album "Sink Your Teeth Into That" was recorded in Toronto. Today, both albums are still selling around the world.

In 1980 Talas toured with Van Halen and also opened for the likes of Aerosmith, Manfred Mann, Pat Travers and the Joe Perry Project. In 1983 Paul, along with Dave and Bill, were the first three musicians inducted into The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. 

After Talas split up in 1983, Paul and Dave decided to revive The Tweeds. With Randy Satz initially on bass, later replaced by Alan Thompson, the band continued for another 7 years. During this time Bill went on the the David Lee Roth Band and Mr. Big.

After The Tweeds Paul played in Only Humen for four years, but as that pattern seems to reoccur again and again, he is again rockin' with his lifelong musical sidekick Dave Constantino. Along with Billy Sheehan, Talas reunited for a sold out performance on November 29, 1997 at Kleinhans Music Hall. The night was recorded and released as a live album through a Japanese record deal with Warner Music Japan. The album was subsequently released in the U.S. on Metalblade Records. During the summer of 1998 Talas toured Japan, with Paul's favorite gig being at The Hardrock Cafe in Tokyo. In November 1998 they played another sold out performance at Kleinhans.

Sticking with that pattern again, Paul and Dave put together their latest project called Shyboy, with Mike Runo on bass. Shyboy is a rockin' new band that is certain to carry on into the millennium. 

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