Nomination Process

Nominations for the Class of 2018 are now Being Accepted
Deadline for applications is January 31, 2018

In order to make sure that the most deserving people are inducted each year, the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame (BMHOF) is dedicated to adhering to a strict induction procedure that ensures fairness and objectivity. Below is a brief summary of the procedure followed:
The first step to being inducted into the BMHOF is to be nominated. People in the music community, as well as the general public, are encouraged to nominate individuals, groups and/or institutions that are deserving of induction, as only those nominated are considered each year. You may nominate yourself or another party. We encourage nominations from all genres of music, as well as businesses and individuals that have had an impact on the local music scene and the music industry in general. Along with your nomination packet, please submit documents that verify the information being presented and include contact information for the person(s) being nominated.
A nominating committee is formed each year to consider all potential nominees, as per the requirements of the official procedure of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, to present the best qualified candidates to the BMHOF Executive Committee. Only files completed with all the necessary 
Documented* information outlined in the nomination form are considered for review. All other files are tabled until they can be completed. Each committee member is assigned a certain number of nominees to review, based upon the materials submitted.

The nominee’s qualifications are reviewed with a point system in the following qualification categories: longevity in Western New York, community service in music, music education/mentoring, charitable contributions, recording status, and production credits. Production credits include: production, engineering, mixing, mastering, recognition for proficiency in an artist's performance medium, performance position, composition and/or sale of music, public visibility and musical versatility. Documented chart activity for national and international recording, touring and involvement with motion pictures or television soundtracks and Internet exposure are also reviewed and count towards scoring. 

It is important to understand that this is NOT a talent or popularity contest, it is based on how the nominee has impacted Western New York and the world with their talents and ability to make a difference. All information submitted MUST have documentation or it will not be considered. Documentation is considered to be qualifying information provided on paper, or on digital or analog media, such as audio tape or CDs. Examples are records, tapes, CDs, liner notes, articles from accredited sources, user guides, white papers, etc. 

If submitting recordings, one original record, tape, CD, etc. needs to be submitted. If more than one recording is being submitted, a photo copy of each release with all credits needs to be included as verification. The Nomination Committee needs the entire cover or liner notes including the artist(s) name, record company and catalog number, with validation so each photo copy can be verified. An unverified claim will not be considered. If any recording (CD,tape,45 or LP) is listed as part of the list of achievements, it must have been officially released. No copies burned to a cd or on a cassette will count.

Once all of the candidates have been evaluated and the information provided has been verified, committee members present their picks to the entire nominating committee for a vote. Each committee member scores each nominee based on the verified information submitted. The top 12 candidates are chosen based on those rankings and presented to the BMHOF Executive Committee for induction. The Executive Committee may challenge up to two of the top ten of these candidates, and they may only choose the next alternates (11 and 12) in line, based on the scores presented, after discussion among the committee. No more than ten final candidates will be inducted in any given year
The Nominating Committee emphasizes to all submitted applicants, being reviewed does not constitute being selected for induction. It is not uncommon for this process to take from one to six years, or longer, assuming one meets all the required criteria. It is also not uncommon for a nominee to ever meet the required criteria. There are many factors involved in the selection process which is conducted using a stringent set of rating guidelines and supervised by a very professional and confidential forum. Accepted packets remain on file as living documents and we encourage you to continually submit updated accomplishments that further support your accreditation.

The BMHOF Board and the public are not made aware of the final list of selected inductees until the review process is finalized and the BMHOF Executive Committee votes to make the year’s selection official.

We wish all our applicants the best as the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame strives to salute and honor those elite artists who have dedicated their lives to enhancing our WNY musical heritage.

More information about this process can be obtained by contacting the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame at This procedure is reviewed yearly by the Board of Trustees and may be revised as deemed necessary to make it as fair as possible for all nominees.

How to Nominate

To make a nomination to be considered for next year's class or to update an existing file, please download and complete the official nomination form. Forms and the necessary materials must be received by January 31st of any given year to be considered for induction during that year.

​​​​​Download the Nomination Form Here

If you are not sure if a file exists on a certain candidate,
please feel free to contact us at to find out.