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Paul Harvey used to have a radio program titled "The Rest of the Story". All of us at the BMHOF are interested in hearing the stories of those individuals and bands that have touched the musical fabric of Buffalo and Western New York and would like to educate the public about the rest of the local story. Below are links to sites that include bits and pieces of the great stories of the music of Buffalo and Western New York, including books and videos that can be purchased. If you wish to add a link on this page that would add to the converstaion, please send to

*Please note - the links below are shared for the enjoyment and education of the BMHOF audience.

The Wrecking Crew 

Wild Weekend

No Stoppin' this Boppin'

Buffalo NY Garage Bands

McVan’s Memories

Don’t Bother Knockin’ …This Town’s a Rockin’

Buffalo Music Awards

Buffalo's 1520 WKBW Radio -

The Graduates

Weekly Top 40

Rochester Music Hall of

Rhode Island Music Hall of

Pittsburgh Music Hall of Fame

Memphis Music Hall of