Jim Wozniak

Jim Wozniak

BMHOF Class of 2007

Having played his first paying job at the age of 4 years, Jimmy has become an icon in the local and regional music scene, having wowed audiences with his Hammond B-3 organ sound and his groove bass lines. But Jimmy's contributions to the local scene are far deeper than his performances. As a teacher, numerous students have considered his lessons a "rite of passage" to the next level.

Jimmy has played gospel, bluegrass, R&B and rock music - all with a flair that defined that genre. But his best and most recognized work is in the field of blues. The WNY Blues Society has honored him countless times including their 199 Muddy Awards/Class Act.

In 2004, he and Donna Rose joined to issue the CD, "Let It Slide" that highlighted other area musicians as well. In his lifetime he has moved so many other by choosing to not hold the ball, but to pass it on it.

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