Greg Gizzi

Greg Gizzi

Rock/Fusion Drummer
BMHOF Class of 1992

It is rumored that Greg was conceived during an extended Buddy Rich drum solo on the Tonight Show back in 1961. Although this has never been substantiated, it is true that this would represent the perfect beginning to this versatile drummer's career.

Alternatively speaking, Greg's career did begin in the mid Eighties when he joined an interesting band of musicians, including Jimbo and Karen Freeland, named Funk Monster and Woman. Since that time Greg has drummed, brushed and programmed with an impressive array of local original talent, covering the entire spectrum of electronic and acoustic percussion. Soon after Funk Monster, Greg joined one of his current bands, Nullstadt, and quickly began earning the respect of his peers and making the contacts for numerous other projects.

Soon he was playing blue-grass rock with Bart Mitchell and Little Sheeba, progressive wave with Rob Scarafia and Elk, gigs with Terry Sullivan and The Headhunters, Mark Freeland's Electroman and recording sessions with Michele. Weber also were added to the resume. Some of the most noteworthy accomplishments, however, have come within a pair of David Kane projects. Experimental electronic drumming was the force of Decay of Western Civilization, a unique trio which produced some of the most intense live shows of the late Eighties. The current success of Them Jazzbeards, which sees Greg trading percussions chops with bongoist and fellow Decay member, Bill Moore. So as the 90's settle in, Greg can be seen on any given weekend releasing his rock frustrations with Nullstadt or keeping the cool beat with The 'Beards.

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