David Kane

David Kane

David Kane

BMHOF Class of 1988

Composer, keyboardist and band leader David Kane has been performing original music for over 30 years.  His musical career is as intriguing as well as being diverse.

The groups he has been a member of include: Electroman, Trek w/Quintronic, Erectronics, Celibates, Alien Reristration, Trelaine, Pagentry of Weens, Nullstadt, Sinatra Test, Decay of Western Civilization, Them Jazzbeards and the David Kane Quartet.

To describe their sound, Kane’s friend the late music writer Tim Switala said, “DKQ’s sound proves to be aerodynamic and sleek, a seamless [fusion] of two of Kane’s biggest influences: progressive and R&B. Air meets Ramsey Lewis. Foreign film music meets American garage rock.” That’s how eclectic Kane’s music is.

Some highlights from his association with these groups include:  The Celibates earned a chapter in a German book on the music history of the 1980s; industrial music pioneers Decay of Western Civilization’s video”Baby Doe” Rules received airtime on MTV and won a Music Video Award in 1987; a chapter on Nullstadt was included in the book “Goth.”

He recorded with most of these groups, has had six releases with Them Jazzbeards, and was a contributing artist on many recordings, including  with the Goo Goo Dolls and John & Mary (of 10,000 Maniacs).  He also composes music for industrial videos and commercials.

Kane has contributed to music productions for the independent film “In,” indie film “Buffalo Bushido,” performed a live soundtrack for the classic film “Intolerance” and provided the music for “Heard About Buffalo” video release.  He also collaborated with Amy Taravella’s Buffalo Contempory Dance production “Bikini Launch,” Nimbus Dance and performance artist David Butler.

In addition to his live and recorded keyboard performances, Kanehas taught two college credit courses at Select Sound Recording Studio, was a long time employee at Unistage, is a guest speaker at music seminars and has had a radio program on ThinkTwiceRadio.com.

For additional information and Kane’s performance calendar go to http://www.davidkanek-9.com

Discography, based on  “Works List” from his website:
Crown of Walls – Night Slaves, 2015 
Music for WNED’s film production of Glorious Battle: The Siege of Fort Erie, 2011
Soundtrack for the MovieBuffalo Bushido, 2009
Soundtrack for the movie “in,” 2005
The Life and Times of Guy Friday –David Kane Quartet, 2003
Armed and Hammered – Them Jazzbeards, 1999
Shadow Creature – Them Jazzbeards, 1998
Dirty White Loafers – Them Jazzbeards, 1995
Highballs,Lowbrows, and Presbyterians – Them Jazzbeards, 1993
Pardon My French-Them Jazzbeards, 1991
Cocktails for Two – Double D, 1990
Story of Kool Daddy-o – Them Jazzbeards, 1989
Baby Doe Rules – Decay of Western Civilization, 1987
Flesh – Nullstadt, 1985
A Shameless Fashion - Celibates, 1981
The Black Album - Trek with Quintronic, 1981
Landing - Trek with Quintronic, 1980

Videos (click on the link): 
Alien Registration
Baby Doe Rules - Decay of Western Civilization
David Kane 11-14-2014 Set 1 Three Songs

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