Cory Wells

Cory Wells

Rock Vocalist
BMHOF Class of 1997

Originally from the East Side of Buffalo, Cory sang with several bands in Buffalo before he moved to Los Angeles in 1965 with his band the Enemys. This group was the house band at The Whiskey A Go Go, recorded on MGM Records and had several television appearances.

In 1968 he became one of the three lead vocalists in Three Dog Night. With this band he recorded many hits and recorded 14 Gold albums, 9 Gold singles and sold over 40 million units. Three Dog Night toured extensively during the 70's, breaking attendance records in venues ranging from concert halls to football stadiums. Included was a rare club date at Gilligans (later Uncle Sams and The Inferno) on Walden. Local fans, family and friends were treated to two emotional sets. This show rates as one of the best club performances in local history.

In 1975 the rigors of non-stop roadwork caught up with the group. "We became disenchanted", Wells recalled, "We just quietly backed out of the picture. We have always had sort of a verbal agreement that we were never going to exploit the public for our own gain. We were not going to do four or five farewell tours just to rake in the money. We had come on the scene quietly and we were going to leave the same way, with dignity".

After a 6 year hiatus the band decided to reform in 1981. Cory, along with original lead singer Danny Hutton, continue to perform with the band. In addition to Three Dog Night dates, Cory, an ardent and expert fisherman, wass a field editor for "Outdoor Life" magazine and had written articles for various other sporting publications. He has also appeared on TV shows like "American Sportsman" and "Country Sportsman", a New Zealand television show.

On May 26, 2000 Cory returned to Buffalo for his formal induction into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. The event took place at The Lafayette Blues Room. For the event Cory was joined by two original members of The Enemys; Mike on guitar and Trigger on drums. Cory brought Jimmy Greenspoon from Three Dog Night for keyboards and the bass player was Rick Ryan (of Weekend). Playing with his band mates from 30 years ago and joined by many old friends in the audience, this was one of the most nostalgic nights in the history of Buffalo Music. 

Sadly, Cory Wells passed away on October 20, 2015. he will be missed but his music lves on.

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