Chuck Madden

Chuck Madden

BMHOF Class of 2003

Chuck Madden began his 45 year quest for musical fulfillment in his bedroom listening to all the early Rock and R&B songs on WKBW and WBLK when he was 8 years old. There, he would sing and wail away on his pan and cardboard box drum set with a pair of wooden coat hangers (he soon graduated to real drum sticks). He was in heaven, loving every nuance of this incredible new world he had discovered. He had found his life's passion at an age early enough that he was unencumbered by ethnicity, genre, style, and political or sexual agenda. R&B, Jazz, Rock, Country, Polkas, Classical, Pop, Gospel, it was an aural wonderland to him. He hung around anywhere there was music being thought up and played. He joined several local bands and played with countless musicians as a drummer/percussionist. But he didn't really find his calling until he started doing live mono and 2 track recordings with friends. Chuck soon progressed to studio session work at Act One/Howell Recording Studios which was arguably the first 'real' recording studio in Buffalo. This studio had some amazing old recording gear like the RCA 'Big Knob' tube consoles, Neumann microphones and vinyl master cutting lathes. It was here that he discovered what production was all about. 

His next steps took him to Eastman School of Music and a stint with their Recording Workshop program. That opened the doors to working with world class musicians, arrangers and composers and to using state-of-the-art recording equipment and facilities. 

Chuck then managed to commandeer the original Mark Studios barn in Clarence Center were he says he officially began his personal hair loss program. Over the next several years and through a myriad of technical difficulties he was able to put together some really great music with a lot of incredibly talented people such as Rick James, Spyro Gyra, Bobby Nunn, Billy Young, Etc., Etc. 

With the notion of rounding out his music education he has worked with various companies and in many capacities such as, record distribution, promotion, publishing, artist management, graphic arts, janitorial work and babysitting. It was all good. 

His quest has taken him around the world and back (occasionally without ever leaving the studio) and has allowed him to find musical wonderment at every turn.

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