Barbara St. Clair

Barbara St. Clair


R&B Vocalist
BMHOF Class of 1991

Barbara started singing when she was eight and began working professionally when she was 13, at record hops with Lucky Pierre. 
During the early '60s she was a member of the Sessions, a four piece vocal group with back up band, that played at the Lucky Clover, Town Casino and Glen Casino.
In 1965 she formed what became one of the top bands of the late '60s and early '70s - Barbara St. Clair & the Pin-Kooshins. The original members of the band were Jake Jackoblowski, Ron "Tabby" Zalewski, Bill Phillips and John Mahoney. Later members included Tony Galla, Jimmy Calire, Ernie Corallo, Joe Ford, Herman Young, Andy and Freddy LaPella. In 1975 she formed another of Buffalos legendary bands, the Houserockers, a group that included Ernie Corallo, Jay Beckenstein, Jeremy Wahl, Phil D'ire, Louie Marino, Brad Grey and Joe Gerrano. 
After almost 15 years of working with some of the top musicians in WNY, many of whom went on to national acclaim, in the late '70s she decided to stop singing to do many of the things she couldn't do earlier in life because she was always  performing. However, after completing her education and 10 years away from the stage, in 1989 she returned with Blue Monday - a reformation of the Houserockers. That was followed by a special showcase at 1990 Taste of Buffalo and dates filling in with the Ravens when the late Stan Szelest was out of town. 

Barbara taught a generation what soul and R&B were all about and more than earned the title as Buffalo Queen of Soul.

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