Rock Band
BMHOF Class of 1998

You can take the rock band away from the girl and think you've tamed her. But, she'll just pick up an acoustic, give you that innocent little girl grin, quietly laugh and say..."Nevah!"

Undoubtedly, Donna Andreeff and Winnie Bergner of Anatara have walked down this road. And its their undying drive and natural born love for music that keeps them walking. Playing everything you see on their stage, from 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, to basses, percussion, keyboards and mandolins, they take their audience on an exhilarating ride. The emotional intensity that drives their performance coupled with their intricate harmonies set them apart from the rest. One minute audiences have been compelled to be so silent that the only breath you hear is the breath coming from the voice behind the microphone. The next minute the audience is on their feet dancing and singing. 

1992 brought about their first attempt as singer/songwriters. Under the name Ladyfire they would release a 5 song project entitled "Break the Silence". This release would end up being chosen by Anthony Violanti (The Buffalo News) as one of the top ten local releases for that year.

After being accustomed to a full band, making the move to the acoustic scene in 1993 was nothing short of terrifying. But their hard work paid off when these two women won their 1st of 4 consecutive Buffalo Music Awards for Best Acoustic Duo.

It would be 1996 that would bring about the ultimate challenge they were ready to take on. Donna and Winnie accepted their last Buffalo Music Award as Ladyfire. After all the history behind the name and remembering all the talents that passed through the band, they decided to put the name Ladyfire to rest. Anatara was born.

So, here they were. With a new name that had no apparent history and no proven success. Little did they know that when they released their self-titled CD "Anatara", that it would mark the beginning of overwhelming opportunities that Donna and Winnie will tell you, are opportunities you always dream about.

In a very short 2 years a Anatara, they would be recognized by Musician Magazine as one of the best unsigned bands in the nation. They played to SRO crowds at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls. Anatara would share the same stage with artists like Pat Benatar and Ferron, not to mention opening for national comedians Suzanne Westenhoefer and Kate Clinton. December of 1997 took them to Washington DC where they would find themselves in the "East Room" of the White House playing Christmas carols for a holiday event presented by President Clinton and the First Lady. August 1998 would put them in history as being the official opening act for "Woodstock 98 - A Day in the Garden", sharing that day with artists like Stevie Nicks and Don Henley.

A new recording project is now in the works. A project that is awaited not only by fans in Western New York, but fans and critics across the country. They came a long way in the past 2 years. After their next release, you can only imagine where the next 2 years will take them.

...So, you can take the rock band away from the girl...But it just won't matter.
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